• Multiple company identities

    Now you have posibility to add multiple company identities. How does it work ? For example you have a Moving Company. And you have 3 websites, under different names/brands, and you collect all your leads from this website in TnL CRM. Now you can create for each of your website an identity. Why do you […]

  • Public Profile

    Each client has its own Public Profile. This profile can be accessed from every device. Client doesn’t need any login or password

  • Feedback from client

    One you have set up a Feedback collector process, and start sending email to client, let us present what client see. Client will land on next page If the client choose a score unde 7 he will see the next screen, where he can imput a message that will be visible only to you But […]

  • Workflow – automation

    TnL CRM provides a flexible automation system. It allows you to manage some internal processes on next level. You can manualy create this automation processes. For example you want to send an email when a job is added to TnL CRM. It’s easy Each workflow consist of some field: name, triger, callback. Some callbacks have […]

  • Feedback collector

    Starting version 0.7.0 you have a new cool instrument, called Feedback Collector. How it works ? First of all you will need to create a new Email Template In this new email template, you will need to set up a link to Feedback Collector. This link is generated by macros :{{feedback_url}} You can take a […]

  • Welcome to our blog

    We have a blog We’ll publish here every release details, and all news related to TnL CRM

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