Multiple company identities

Now you have posibility to add multiple company identities.

How does it work ?

For example you have a Moving Company. And you have 3 websites, under different names/brands, and you collect all your leads from this website in TnL CRM.

Now you can create for each of your website an identity.

Why do you need this ?

You set for each identity a source list. This list should contain some of sources that you provide in company settings.

When you will send an email to a client, TnL CRM will search the identity that has this client source in it’s source list.

So, if the client was added from Website A, when you will send and email, the client will riceive this email from Website A. Same thing works with :
Public profiles, the client will see your identity details (bank details, logo),
Feedback collector, identity logo, name, and social sources
– Bill of Lading, identity name and bank details